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Variegated Holly

6 results

6  results


A selection of Holly (Ilex) that are decorative for their variegated foliage in white or yellow. We know and appreciate the Common Holly for its beautiful red berries at Christmas time and its evergreen foliage with a beautiful dark green shine. But this bush or small tree can also be adorned with an even more festive outfit: foliage bordered in white in 'Argentea marginata', 'Argenteovariegata' or 'Silver queen', or edged in yellow in 'Golden King' for example. The leaves are sometimes splashed, speckled, or remarkably tinged with pink-red in the pretty variety Ilex aquifolium 'Ingramii'. Deciduous or evergreen, with or without thorns, with green or variegated foliage, with coloured berries, small or large, you will certainly find something to cheer you in our range of Hollies.



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