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4  results


The Anaphalis triplinervis, or Triple-Nerved Pearly Everlasting, is a beautiful hardy plant that looks magnificent at the end of the season. It forms generous bouquets of white flowers, 5-6 cm (2in) in diameter, with felted grey foliage. Easy to grow, the Everlasting Pearl thrives in rock gardens and along borders in a wild garden.

The Anaphlis margaritacea, also known as the Pearly Everlasting, is an easy-to-grow perennial with stunning white-silver flowers in the garden and as dried bouquets. The white-silver pompom flowers are gathered in a large bouquet with a diameter of 8-10 cm (3-4in).

The Anaphalis alpicola, also known as the Alpine Silver Button, produces small white flowers gathered in small bouquets on top of short upright stems, forming a low cushion of woolly grey foliage.

With a very long lifespan, Anaphalis flowers, rough to the touch, make magnificent dried bouquets.

All Anaphalis plants grow in full sun and well-drained to dry soil. They are ideal as small rock garden plants.

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