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The Disporum, also known as the Fairy Bell, is a woodland perennial related to the Solomon's Seals. Still rare and unknown, the disporum deserves a place in shady or semi-shady beds.

Depending on the species and varieties, the Disporum is evergreen in winter (Disporum cantionense), deciduous (Disporum sessile or megalanthum), and its foliage is sometimes variegated (D. Moonlight) or beautifully tinged with dark purple on young shoots, for example in the variety 'Night Heron'. The genus Disporum, part of the Lily family, includes about 23 species, mostly native to Asia (Japan, China, and Korea), with a few native to India, the United States, Indonesia, and Russia.

These are very hardy perennials with tuberous roots that form clumps of sparsely branched stems adorned with oblong to ovate leaves resembling those of lilies. Their bell-shaped pendant flowers often display a yellow to cream-white colour, occasionally pink to dark red, depending on the species. The fruits are small red-orange or blue-black berries. Ideal for woodland settings, Fairy Bells naturally complement hostas, ferns, astilbes, primroses etc

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