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Ground cover Achillea

20 results

20  results


Our range of ground cover yarrows, with their carpeting vegetation. The Achillea crithmifolia and Achillea umbellata are excellent ground covers in dry soil, to the point that they are used as an alternative to grass in less trodden areas of the garden. The Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), on the other hand, is a very hardy sucker plant, perfect for filling slopes with its very fine foliage and long flowering in various colours. They are all easy and floriferous perennials with decorative and often aromatic leaves and umbel flowers. They easily naturalise in short grass meadows, between paving stones, above walls, in flowery meadows or in natural lawns. And to fill in a large, low-maintenance border, also discover the Achillea clypeolata with its bright yellow flowers, or the Achillea coarctata which forms a vigorous, evergreen silver ground cover.

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