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2  results


Azara serrata, or Sawtooth Azara, is a magnificent large bush that buzzes with bees in summer. Azaras have beautiful tough and glossy evergreen foliage. They are highly appreciated for their fragrant yellow summer flowering, reminiscent of mimosa. While they can survive in almost all regions spared by severe frosts, they will only flower where winters are very mild. Azaras are among the most beautiful evergreen bushes for summer, and form magnificent hedges in oceanic or Mediterranean climates. Azara serrata can of course be planted as a standalone bush, or against a well-exposed wall to increase its hardiness. It pairs well in a shrub bed or in a flowering hedge with ceanothus, choisya, abelias, hibiscus syriacus, bitter orange (citrus aurantiaca), olearia or pittosporum. Azara microphylla is hardier and tolerates shady exposures. Besides increased hardiness, it differs from its cousin, Azara serrata, by its flexible branches that carry small single leaves, roughly toothed, of a shiny dark green colour.

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