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Purple foliage Ajuga

8 results

8  results


Our range of Ajugas with purple, very dark or almost black foliage. This small creeping perennial, called creeping bugle, excels with varieties such as Ajuga reptans Atropurpurea with shiny purple leaves or 'Black Scallop' with almost black leaves. Their shiny and dark vegetation, more or less evergreen in winter, enhances the somewhat shady and cool places they love. Thanks to their stolons, the bugles spread and form dense carpets that are dotted with blue, pink or white flowers in spring, depending on the varieties. Essential perennials in cool, damp and heavy, even clayey soils, they thrive in the shade of woodlands as well as on fresh slopes in rockeries. Bugles are perfect for dressing the base of trees and bushes, in combination with spring bulbs or colourful foliage Lamiums or delicate flowers and beautiful foliage of elfin flowers (Epimedium).

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