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Dittany, in Latin Dictamnus, is a perennial plant of the rutaceae family composed of the only species Dictamnus albus. Originally from a vast area covering the  south, central and eastern Europe to southern Siberia, it is also found in central Asia and North Africa. The bush is a plant of dry and poor, even limestone, soils, appreciated for its delicate flowering ranging from white (Albiflorus) to pink (Purpureus form) and pale violet, but also because of the highly scented substance it secretes in hot weather. It releases a volatile oil that can ignite in case of high heat, which earned this plant the nickname of burning bush. Light and elegant, this perennial forms an upright clump about 60-70 cm (24-28in) tall adorned with beautiful pinnate, leathery, bright green leaves. The entire plant emits a fragrance of cinnamon and lemon. The bush is hardy, but it does not tolerate heavy, wet and frozen soils in winter. They establish themselves very slowly and do not like to be moved. But the spectacle it offers is worth being patient. It looks stunning in sunny flower beds, with other plants from dry gardens such as Gauras, Amorpha canescens, lavendersrockroses and rosemary.

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