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Hedge Spiraea

21 results

21  results


Spiraea is an excellent deciduous bush for an informal or mixed hedge, hardy and easy to grow. White spring flowering bush or pink summer flowering bush, we will opt for vigorous varieties such as the 'Van Houtte' bush, reaching a height of 2.50m (8ft), the most commonly used in landscaping. Spring flowering species and cultivars, white, field-like, with a very flexible habit, are particularly suitable for this use; let us mention Spiraea arguta and S. thunbergii, which easily reach a height of 1.50m (5ft). Pink flower enthusiasts will be delighted with Spiraea billardii, a large bush of 1.80m (6ft), with no requirements, which produces fluffy flower spikes throughout the summer. Japanese bushes, rarely exceeding 1.20m (4ft) in height, are more suitable for low hedge planting: varieties such as 'Anthony Waterer' or 'Goldflame' with changing foliage have proven themselves. Fast-growing, hardy, unaffected by diseases and pests, these bushes naturally develop a rounded habit, and flower between April and September depending on the varieties. Very hardy, they adapt to most climates and a wide range of soils.


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