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2  results


Rhodocoma, also known as restios, are curious South African perennials from the family Restionaceae, which resemble grasses, bamboos, reeds or rushes depending on the species. They are a group of Mediterranean plants that are semi-hardy and still relatively unknown, although Rhodocoma capensis, which is relatively hardy, is sometimes planted in gardens with mild climates, as well as the Rhodocoma gigantea, a spectacular restio found by the seaside. Rhodocoma forms clumps of stems without true leaves, which can be beautifully feathery and persist during winter.  They produce beautiful inflorescences in late spring. Ranging from 50 cm (20in) to over 2.50 m (8ft) in height, these exotic plants are both elegant and showy. They are highly decorative in a wild or contemporary-style garden, so surprise and charm yourself by adopting a Rhodocoma in a large container on your patio or balcony!

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