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Japanese Spiraea

26 results

26  results


Spiraea japonica, the Japanese Spirea, from the Rosaceae family, is a deciduous shrub or bush with a rounded habit that flowers in summer, from June to September, in the form of small clusters of flowers in pink tones, on the current year's branches. This plant is easy to cultivate, which makes it a favourite among gardeners, even those with little experience. In Japanese Spirea, variability is expressed in terms of dimensions, flower colour, and foliage appearance. The Japanese Spirea is a hardy species native to East Asia (Japan, China, Korea). In cultivation, there are numerous hybrids and varieties derived from three main species: Spiraea japonica, S. albiflora, and S. nipponica. Depending on the cultivars, the size ranges from a dwarf bush, barely 50 cm (20in) in height for the 'Nana' form, to a shrub exceeding 1 m (3ft) like the vigorous 'Anthony Waterer' spirea. The flowering varies from soft pink to almost red with 'Neon Flash' and pure white with 'Albiflora'. The foliage, always deciduous, is generally a fresh green colour but can be golden to orange like that of Spiraea 'Magic Carpet'. The attractive 'Crispa' form is distinguished by the shape of its leaves, remarkably crisped and dentate, taking on beautiful hues in autumn.

Spiraea grows in ordinary, consistent soil, even slightly chalky, in sunny or semi-shade locations. 

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