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The Coprosma, or Mirror Plants, are small evergreen bushes from the rubiaceae family, native to New Zealand.

All display magnificent, glossy foliage with various and changing colors, a beauty that has made the reputation of varieties such as 'Evening Glow', 'Pacific Sunset', or 'Rainbow Surprise'. They do not tolerate frost below -3°C, but are drought and salt spray resistant, making them suitable for cultivation in coastal gardens or in pots to decorate terraces and balconies before being brought indoors for winter.

The foliage of Coprosma is tough, particularly shiny, and its colour evolves according to the season and ambient temperature. The small, insignificant white tubular flowers bloom in late summer and give way to small round orange berries coveted by birds. A magnificent rockery plant, Coprosma requires some precautions to acclimatize to the open ground in European gardens: it prefers light, poor, non-calcareous soils. The climate and soil of the Breton or South Atlantic coasts seem particularly suitable for it.

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