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Biennial flower seeds

97 results

97  results


With biennial flower seeds it's easy to have flowers for 7 months out of 12! Depending on the species and varieties, they are sown in spring or autumn, develop their vegetation the first year, and flower the following year. Biennials, less commonly used than annuals or perennials, offer many advantages, and although their life cycle is short, they deserve a place in our gardens, as well as in our flowerbeds and pots. Without even realising it, we encounter biennials everywhere: in beds, on roundabouts, in pots...The most well-known are pansies, daisies, forget-me-nots, carnations, and other primroses. Others, like bellflowers, money plants, or certain carnations, are the backbone of any flower garden. Mixing biennial flowers with annuals and perennials also helps extend the flowering period of your beds.

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