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Lavatera - Tree Mallow

17 results

17  results


  Lavateras or Lavatera are semi-hardy perennial shrubs that bode well in coastal areas. Their long and generous flowering looks great in flower beds or in pots. They flourish best in full sun and sheltered from strong winds. They like light, well-drained, sandy, even poor and dry soils. Pink or white, Lavateras have a very fast growth and are not demanding (mulch the base all year round). In March, they need to be pruned very short. With a very short lifespan, cuttings from July to September are very easy to succeed with by sticking branches in a sand/turf mixture. For annuals, sowing is done in April. These plants are most commonly associated with Abelias, Tamaris, roses, Carex,and Fennel, and they will also have a beautiful effect with a carpet of Ageratums or Verbenas.


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