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10  results


Papyrus, also known as Paper Reed, is a majestic aquatic plant in mild climates, as it suffers from the first frosts and disappears if the thermometer drops below -3°C (26.6°F). It can also be easily kept indoors in a pot resting on a deep saucer constantly filled with water or as a houseplant in a bathroom. Simply provide this light and heat-loving Papyrus with a very sunny location and a safe shelter for the winter.

In the house, the graphic effect is guaranteed even in winter if you have a conservatory or a location behind a south or southwest-facing bay window. The plant can also overwinter in a frost-free greenhouse. Its feathery umbels remain spread out, perched at a height of 2m (7ft) or even less in cultivars selected for floral arrangements. Papyrus plants are completely green from the base to the inflorescences, even if the tiny flowers sparkle in a soft yellow within the thread-like bracts. When the inflorescence dries, the stem dies and new shoots from the stump replace it while the clump grows larger.

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