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Fragrant Mahonia

7 results

7  results


Scented Mahonias are treasures for the garden in winter and autumn. Among these bushes, the varieties 'Winter Sun' and 'Charity' are known for their fragrant and nectariferous yellow flowering between December and February. These plants from the family of Berberidaceae include species such as Mahonia japonica and Mahonia aquifolium, as well as hybrids named Mahonia x media. In addition to these two stars of our gardens, other Mahonias deserve attention. 'Apollo', a compact bush, seduces with its golden spikes illuminating the flower beds in late winter. Mahonia japonica 'Hivernant' is a very beautiful exotic-looking bush whose splendid winter yellow and fragrant flowering is followed by the formation of decorative violet berries. Less known, 'Lionel Fortescue' stands out with its large yellow clusters.

These Mahonias, easy to grow, thrive in partial shade or shade, in well-drained and humus-rich soil. They are highly resistant to cold and require little water. These bushes require little maintenance, a light pruning in spring is sufficient. Discover them in this selection.


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