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25  results


 Ligularias are imposing perennials with a height ranging from 1 to 2m (3 to 7ft) this which allows for the creation of spectacular flowering clumps. This plant, with a compact shape, has rounded, palmate or deeply cut leaves. From June to September, their generous blooming spikes are best suited in flower beds, at the edge of ponds, and in isolated areas of the garden. They are easy to cultivate, they like rich, deep, and moist soil. Our preferred varieties include: in partial shade, Ligularia dentata (1m (3ft)) with dark purple heart-shaped leaves. In semi-sunlight, Ligularia przewalskii (2m (7ft)) with great and deeply cut foliage, and yellow-orange spike-like flowers. The variety Ligularia stenocephala 'The Rocket' (1.80m (6ft)) has rounded and toothed leaves and large black flower stalks with yellow spikes. How to care for them : You can divide them every 3 years to rejuvenate the stump. At the end of winter, and in humid weather, don't forget to protect them against slugs and snails. The Siberian Ligularia is a rare and protected species. It can be found in the wild in the Massif Central mountain range.

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