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ADR-certified Roses

126 results

126  results


The ADR-Certified shrub roses have proven themselves over and over again, they are disease resistant, excellent flowering and fragrant... They have obtained the most sought after certification, the German Anerkannte Deutsche Rose (Recognized German Rose). This is rewarded to the most deserving varieties after tests are conducted on fifteen different aspects for 3 to 4 years in 11 German trial gardens with different climates, without any preventive or curative treatments given to the roses. You can fully trust these exceptional varieties, from the Mirato ground cover rose to the vigorous climber Super Excelsa, not to mention the shrub rose Red Leonardo da Vinci, these modern varieties or even older ones like the famous Iceberg   can be grown without worrying about diseases or uncertain weather conditions. Have a look at our wide our collection of wonderful ADR- certified shrub roses!


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