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Blue Corydalis

11 results

11  results


The Blue Corydalises charm with their flowers in delicate shades of blue, from transparent blue to midnight blue. The Corydalis flexuosa 'Blue Panda' is prized for its generous flowering of a unique blue and its finely cut apple green foliage. The Corydalis elata for its intense cobalt blue colour and subtle fragrance. Its flowers appear in early summer and continue for several weeks. Let's also mention the Corydalis 'Porcelain Blue' with lighter flowers, a celestial blue, translucent. This variety is also distinguished by its young bronze-tinted foliage and its perpetual flowering. In the garden, the Corydalis 'China Blue' also attracts attention. This variety is renowned for its deep blue flowers and cut foliage that can persist in winter, depending on the climate. Discover them on these pages.

The Corydalis is a perennial of rare delicacy that will dress up the cool areas of the garden, as well as flower pots. This plant pairs well with hostas or ferns to create a contrasting effect.


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