Dwarf Japanese Anemones

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8  results


Our dwarf Japanese Anemones, not exceeding 40 cm (16in) in height. Similar to Anemone 'Little Princess' or 'Fantasy' varieties such as 'Fantasy Ariel' for example or even the Japanese anemone 'Satin Doll Rosé', these are hardy, non-invasive and floriferous perennials from summer to autumn, ideal for small spaces, borders and semi-shaded planters. Some produce single flowers, others double corollas. The colour palette includes white as well as various shades of pink and mauve. These low and compact varieties fit into flower beds much more easily than their larger cousins with more wandering stumps and more imposing habit. Their abundant flowering is constantly renewed as long as the soil does not dry out too much. To accompany them, consider fuchsias, small ferns and Carex for example.


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