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Slug-resistant Hostas

48 results

48  results


We love Hostas for their beautiful foliage. They are great plants for cool shade but are often prey to slugs and snails that feast on their large fleshy leaves. However, among the hundreds of available varieties, some like 'Halcyon'Blue Mouse Ears’ or 'Sagaeseem to resist slugs and snails.  You will not need to spread tons of slug pellets to enjoy their superb green, gold, blue, or variegated foliage, as well as their fragrant white or mauve flowers in summer. Hostas are sturdy perennials that grow very well in pots or in the ground and like all heavy, moist but not waterlogged soils. Maintenance is limited to adding compost in spring and dividing clumps after 5 to 8 years for propagation and rejuvenation of plants. Tips: To maintain leaf colour, choose a spot based on sunlight. Gold foliage needs sunny but not scorching exposure. Blue foliage needs shade!


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