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Red Dianthus

15 results

15  results


Our range of red Dianthus such as Dianthus 'Sooty' and 'Fusilier', are among the best red varieties. A powerful colour that is widespread in the Sweet William, the Carnation, the Delta Carnation and the Grenoble Carnation. Dianthus 'Sooty' shines with its very dark red flowers and the dwarf variety 'Fusilier' stands out with its bright red petals and its exuberant flowering. 'Passion Hot Red' is a seductive carnation with deep velvety red flowers and a sweet fragrance, this carefree perennial is ideal for borders and rockeries. The 'Merci Fleuri' variety is a lovely novelty, spreading and compact, covered with cherry red flowers from April to September in the garden and in pots. Also to discover are Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Bombardier', a miniature dianthus that forms an extremely floriferous compact cushion with small, double, very bright red, extremely fragrant flowers, ideal in rockeries, on walls, borders and in flower pots. There are many other red Dianthus  to be found on these pages.



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