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94  results


The Squash, known as Pumpkin or Potiron, belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. It is characterised by large and fleshy fruits, often with tough skin. A flagship vegetable of autumn, the Squash or courgette is a term that encompasses several species: the most represented in our vegetable gardens is Cucurbita pepo like the Pattypan Squash, then Cucurbita moschata with its musky taste like the Butternut Squash, or the rarer Cucurbita argyrosperma. We imagine it to be orange, but there are also green, red, yellow, black, or even blue ones, smooth, ribbed, or warty. In cooking, it can be used in savoury or sweet preparations. The Squash, with its tough skin, can be stored for several months and consumed throughout the winter.

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