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Weigela for pot-growing

20 results

20  results


A selection of dwarf Weigelas, small in size and well-suited for pot cultivation and ornamentation in small spaces. These deciduous bushes naturally form compact bushes that do not exceed 60 to 80 cm (24 to 32in) in height. Like the classic Weigelas, they flower abundantly between May-June and September-October. Red, pink or white, they are perfect for decorating a balcony, like the dwarf Weigela series 'Picobella': 'Blanco' with white flowers, 'Rosa' in pink and 'Rosso' with red flowering. A great classic among small varieties, Weigela 'Minuet' is a compact and bushy shrub, ideal for borders. Its deep pink flowering is exceptionally perpetual. There are also selections with decorative foliage, like 'Black and White' with purple-green leaves and white flowers. 'Minor Black' is dressed in an even darker purple that beautifully highlights its deep pink flowering.

As easy to grow as the classic varieties, dwarf Weigelas tolerate most soils, slightly acidic to alkaline, moist but not too dry, and grow in full sun as well as partial shade.

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