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Autumn flowering Clematis

17 results

17  results


Discover, from among our 250 varieties of clematis, the autumn-flowering clematis, ideal for bringing life to the garden, balcony or terrace throughout the late season, and even in winter with Clematis cirrhosa (Christmas clematis). The small bell-shaped flowers in yellow to orange of Clematis tangutica and C. koreana Amber, or the blue-mauve ones of 'Blue Eclipse', which take over from summer-flowering clematis, are perfect for accompanying autumn colours. The superb feathery and silky fruits that follow the flowering also remain decorative on the plant for a long time. There is at least one autumn-flowering clematis suitable for every situation, whether climbing or herbaceous: in shade, in sun, in cold regions or warm and dry ones; to garnish a bush, a tree, embellish a fence or trellis, for large gardens or balconies - the choice is vast. The cultivation requirements vary according to the species and varieties, but most are robust plants, not very susceptible to diseases and not demanding in terms of soil. Explore the full range below.


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