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Magnolia Grandiflora

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12  results


Our Magnolia grandiflora, large-flowered magnolias or summer magnolias. Known for its exotic-looking evergreen foliage and its large white flowers in summer, the species Magnolia grandiflora forms a true tree, best suited for large grounds. Fortunately, it also comes in smaller varieties, such as Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem, which doesn't exceed 2.50m (8ft) to 3m (10ft) in height, ideal for small gardens and container cultivation. Their summer flowering is certainly less spectacular than deciduous magnolias, but the multitude of new cultivars offers various habits or foliage, as well as larger flowers, more abundant or more spread-out flowering. Let's mention the excellent Magnolia 'Purpan', unique for its extremely floriferous character, even at a young age, with creamy white flowers exuding a powerful lemon fragrance.  Magnolia grandiflora Goliath has exceptionally large flowers, reaching up to 30cm (12in) in diameter. With Magnolia Laurier-tulipier Ferruginea, the glossy bottle green foliage has a velvety rusty underside.

Magnolia grandiflora is mainly used as a specimen tree in the garden or in a large container on the terrace for smaller varieties. Choose a strategic location to admire this tree, perhaps the most beautiful of all evergreens, and enjoy its lemony flowering. Note that the large-flowered magnolia is sensitive to sea spray, but it tolerates the polluted atmosphere of urban areas perfectly. Moreover, it is more tolerant of hot and dry summers than deciduous magnolias and is less sensitive to chalky soils.

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