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Pink Clematis

84 results

84  results


Our range of Clematis with pink flowers. The most well-known is the Clematis montana, a vine-plant of the mountains with small pink flowers, particularly its superb varieties 'Mayleen' and 'Tetrarose'. These are vigorous climbing plants whose flowering is often perpetual and fragrant. However, there are many others, especially among the varieties with large flowers. Let's mention the essential 'Dr Ruppel' in two vibrant shades of pink or 'Nelly Moser' with its large pale pink stars adorned with a beautiful darker midline. In recent years, horticulturists have "invented" small pink Clematis, perfectly suited to our modern gardens or container cultivation. For example, the adorable 'Multi Pink', unique with its large exotic-looking, tousled flowers, blush pink with a deeper pink heart. Or 'Patricia Ann Fretwell', a true pink jewel.

Clematis represents a genus rich in diversity, with flowers of all colours, forms and sizes. Take advantage of their ease of cultivation to give your garden or terrace a romantic and bohemian touch. 

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