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Clematis collections

15 results

15  results


Discover our exclusive collections of clematis: 'Rare Beauty', 'Angel or Demon', 'Indigo Sky', 'Classic Red and White', and many others. We have carefully chosen them for their matching or contrasting colours, their abundance of flowers, and their moderate growth. The incredible diversity of clematis, often called the 'queen of climbers', has inspired us to create stunning duos that will allow you to cover your garden or terrace in flowers for a long period at a fantastic price. Plant your clematis in the same pot, with a good capacity, or in the same planting hole. This technique, which avoids root competition between plants, generally produces good results. Fertilise and water your potted clematis regularly, and always provide them with a support for them to cling to. As always, plant your clematis with their feet in the shade and their heads in the sun!

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