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Red Photinias

8 results

8  results


Our range of red photinias includes the best varieties such as 'Square Red', the famous photinia fraseri 'Red Robin', the variety 'Camilvy' with its young scarlet red leaves, the amazing 'Magical Volcano' with its finely toothed young leaves that retain their magnificent scarlet red colouration all year round. And many others to discover on these pages. These evergreen bushes produce highly decorative, red young shoots on their mature glossy green foliage. If pruned wisely and at the right time, the Photinia will also offer an interesting flowering, in frothy clusters of slightly fragrant cream-white flowers.

These Photinias can be used in a large informal or formal hedge, but they can also be easily trained as small trees by pruning the lower branches. Provide them with loose, fairly deep soil. Once well established, they tolerate summer drought well.


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