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Geum with orange flowers

18 results

18  results


Our range of Avens or Geums with orange flowers. These avens offers some of the most beautiful orange flowering among perennial plants. The small corollas of the Geum coccineum 'Borisii', of a bright orange, are visible from afar in the garden. Those of the 'Feuerball' avens, a splendid red-orange, awaken summer flowerbeds. The orange tones in the 'Tempo Orange' hybrid are softened with hints of cream and peach around a purple centre. With the 'Mai Tai' avens, as charming as it is floriferous, the apricot flowers turning salmon with age are followed by a pretty feathery fruiting. Also discover 'Prinses Juliana'  with its small double flowers of a beautiful bright orange finely nuanced with yellow. The flowers can be single or double depending on the variety and flowering takes place in spring or summer, and is more or less prolonged depending on the cultivar. These orange avens are pretty, hardy perennial plants, very floriferous and easy to grow in moist, rich, well-drained soil.


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