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28  results


Cordylines or Dracaena, with their tall palm-like silhouette, their narrow, leathery, ribbon-like leaves often beautifully coloured, like the 'Red Star' Cordyline australis or Cordyline indivisaare evergreen shrubs highly appreciated in the gardens of mild regions for their beautiful exotic appearance. Belonging to the Agave family, they also offer a spectacular flowering in the form of immense panicles of fragrant flowers that remain decorative for a long time. Native to New Zealand and the southwest Pacific, these shrubs or small trees thrive in the sun, in a rather moist and well-drained soil, tolerate salt spray, and enjoy the heat in summer.  When planted in the ground, Cordylines are best suited for coastal climates, elsewhere they can be grown in a large pot to decorate the veranda during the winter months. 

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