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Perennials for cut flowers

2744 results

2744  results


Our selection of perennials for cut flowers. You will find in these pages Astilbes, with delicate feathery plumes, Chinese Peonies like 'Sarah Bernhardt' queens of flowers, ephemeral and colourful Daylilies, Rudbeckia, a true summer sun, the Coneflower that charms bees, delicate and graceful Spike Speedwell, Yarrow, with warm and natural shades, light and airy 'Bristol Fairy' Gypsophila and the majestic and elegant Delphiniums. Don't forget Lupins with sculptural candles or daisies or Leucanthemums with a rustic charm. These perennial plants are essential in floral compositions and produce excellent cut flowers that last a long time in a vase.


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