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Roses for pots

179 results

179  results


Some roses tolerate container or pot cultivation very well, which allows you to enjoy the fragrance and charm of roses on the terrace, balcony, or even in a small courtyard, and create beautiful bouquets even without a garden. These wonderful plants will flourish as long as you choose a container with sufficient volume to accommodate the amount of soil needed for the plant to thrive: a pot of 30 to 40 liters is usually recommended. It will also be necessary to care for watering and fertilizer, as roses, especially if they are perpetual, are demanding plants that require support for flowering. Smaller roses are more suitable for container cultivation, although it is possible to acclimate some small climbing roses to them. We offer you a selection of the best bush roses, ground cover, English, or floribunda and polyantha roses that will allow you to create abundant flowering containers throughout the beautiful season

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