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6  results


Sequoia sempervirens or the Coastal Redwood is an evergreen conifer that holds the record for height, 110 m (361ft), in its American forests. It is also a tree with great longevity as some are aged over three thousand years. The whole tree produces an extraordinary resinous fragrance, especially the brown-red bark, which cracks into deep furrows. It widens a little with age, extending its branches in a graceful movement that gently guides them towards the sky at their tips.

Sequoiadendron giganteum or Giant Sequoia also grows taller than it does wide, showing a narrow pyramidal habit that is almost columnar, supported by a massive and very vertical main trunk, whose fibrous bark of a brown-red colour cracks into deep furrows. The 'Glaucum' variety stands out for its foliage and branches with intense grey-blue hues.

Due to their size, they require a garden large enough to accommodate their gigantic growth, especially since they will survive for many generations of gardeners!

These monumental trees require a damp, deep, well-drained, and rather acidic soil to support their growth, and prefer a humid climate all year round, hot in summer and mild enough in winter.

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