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Sweet woodruff, also known as Galium odoratum (syn. Asperula odoratum), is a delightful perennial plant that produces delicate white flowers in spring. It is also appreciated for its beautiful star-shaped, tender green foliage. This woodland perennial has all the charm of wild plants! Lady's bedstraw, or Galium verum, is a similar plant that bears a multitude of small golden yellow flowers in summer.

Woodruff is a perfect ground cover for natural and shaded gardens. It nicely dresses the base of trees and bushes, bringing brightness to the area. You can also plant it in a shaded rockery or at the base of a north-facing wall. Lady's bedstraw, on the other hand, prefers sunny, well-drained soils. It can be made part of a rustic and wild garden scene. Woodruff and Lady's bedstraw are low-maintenance plants that take care of themselves and are not susceptible to diseases and parasites.

In addition to its ornamental qualities, Woodruff is a medicinal plant: it can be harvested, dried, and consumed as an infusion or used to flavour beverages and desserts.

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