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Zero-waste baskets

Give plants in need of love a second chance!

With Bons Plants baskets, we offer anti-waste baskets at reduced prices, usually around €5 for a basket of 3 plants.


These baskets contain unsold or damaged plants that are still viable and could be brought back to life in your garden with a little TLC (tender, loving care)

For example, a Bons Plants basket of ornamental plants will consist of either :

- 1 potted shrub and 2 potted perennials; or

- 1 potted or bare-root rose and 2 potted perennials; or 

- 1 potted climbing plant and 2 potted perennials.


The basket contents vary from week to week depending on stocks.

This new scheme has already saved over 5,000 plants since it was introduced in June 2022.

With our Bons Plants baskets scheme, we expect to discard less than 0.1% of our plants by 2026! 





We only deliver seed and bulb products to your country. If you add other products to your basket, they cannot be shipped.