Early flowering Crape Myrtle

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73  results


A selection of early-flowering Indian Lilacs, starting in July in cool climates. These varieties of Lagerstroemia or Summer Lilacs bloom early in the season and are resistant to powdery mildew. They have the advantage of blooming every year, even during cold years, unlike most other varieties. Among the reliable options, we have the Lagerstroemia 'Summer Embers', a compact bush with abundant flowers in a deep pinkish-red, 'The Monsoon' with a perpetual flowering of a vibrant pink, or 'Summer Camellia' from the Indyia Charms series, whose flowering, between July and September, displays a delightful range of hues from mauve to white, passing through pink. For terraces or small gardens, consider the dwarf selections 'Mimi Fuchsia' 'Terrace Red', or 'Black Diamond Lavender Lace', which start blooming as early as the end of June. The large fluffy panicles of the Indian Lilac sometimes completely cover foliage that turns fiery colours in autumn. And the bark of large specimens, highly visible and marbled with soft hues, further enhances the charm of these small trees. The Lagerstroemia are plants of great ornamental value, easy to grow as long as they are given a rich, not too dry, well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight.

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