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Feijoa trees - Acca

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7  results


The Feijoa, also known as Acca sellowiana, or Brazilian or Montevideo guava, is a bush or small fruit tree that is both ornamental and delicious. Belonging to the myrtle family, it produces white flowers with a beautiful bunch of red stamens and very decorative evergreen green-grey foliage.

It is also cultivated for its original fruits, which resemble a large glabrous kiwi and ripen in late autumn in mild climates. Their exotic flavor is reminiscent of pineapple, strawberry, and guava. The Feijoa has given rise to several cultivars selected for the quality of their fruiting (Gemini, Triumph, Mammouth, and Apollo). 

The Brazilian bush is not truly self-fertile, although some cultivars such as Coolidge are capable of self-pollination. For good fruiting, it is therefore recommended to plant several specimens. Relatively hardy (down to at least -12 °C), Feijoa only fruits properly in warm and sunny regions. However, it adapts well to any well-prepared and properly drained soil. It is also a plant that withstands summer drought well. Discover all our Original and Exotic Fruit Trees.

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