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16  results


The officinal Rosemary, in Latin Rosmarinus officinalis, is well known for its strong flavor that enhances grilled dishes. It is a beautiful evergreen aromatic, culinary, medicinal, and ornamental shrub, inseparable from Mediterranean landscapes. This plant is sometimes called crown herb or troubadour's herb. It is used in the composition of bouquet garni with thyme, bay laurel, and parsley. Excellent for rock gardens and dry, poor soils, officinal rosemary comes in many varieties or ecotypes with differently colored flowers, varying levels of aroma, and hardiness, from the creeping plant Rosmarinus 'Prostratus' to the hedge bush Miss Jessop's Upright, reaching a height of 1.50 m (5ft). The flower colors range from pale blue to violet in Sappho Rosemary and white or even pink in the lovely cultivar Majorca Pink. The hardiness of rosemary varies greatly depending on the soil type: some varieties are able to withstand temperatures as low as -15°C if the soil is dry in winter. 

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