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Campanula for rock gardens and walls

25 results

25  results


Our varieties of rock garden bellflowers and wall bellflowers. Species include Campanula muralis (or C. portenschlagiana) or the Carpathian bellflower (C. carpatica). The species and varieties presented in this category are creeping perennials of alpine origin, which are very hardy and floriferous and offer a unique charm to any rockery or wall. They are planted in rock gardens, in raised beds and will quickly fill the cracks in pavements, old walls and retaining walls. Their creeping habit is also suitable for edging, flower pots and hanging baskets. In addition to the two species mentioned above, Campanula cochleariifolia and its varieties are also planted in rock gardens, as well as the round-leaved bellflower C. rotundifolia... These charming plants offer white, blue, purple or pink flowers, double or single depending on the cultivars.


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