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Large specimen trees

35 results

35  results


Our range of trees and conifers in large sizes, measuring between 2 and 5 m (7 and 16ft) in height. These large-sized plants, often preferred by landscapers, make an impact in the garden from the moment they are planted. Whether you are looking for the autumn splendour of Ginkgos, the beneficial shade of the plane tree, or the grace of the weeping willow, we offer a wide choice of already well-developed trees, ready to be planted. A slow-growing tree like the beech for example, will save at least 5 years of cultivation. Some species, such as Paulownia or the Judas tree, have reached maturity, allowing gardeners to enjoy their flowering without having to wait for years. We offer them in a variety of shapes including low-stemmed trees, half-standard trees (trunk of about 1.20 m (4ft)), or high-standard trees (trunk from 1.75 m (6ft) to 2 m (7ft) high), multi-stemmed... Each form, obtained through pruning, corresponds to a particular silhouette.

Tips: It is preferable to plant large-sized trees during their vegetative rest period, between mid-November and mid-March in average climates. Planting later will require rigorous watering for the first two years. Prepare the soil in advance to loosen it and improve it with compost, and plant upon receipt. The use of a compost enriched with mycorrhiza is recommended to ensure a good recovery for large specimens. Finally, it is essential to stake, and even guy a large specimen during planting, as its foliage offers significant wind resistance while its roots are not yet anchored in the soil.

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