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Evergreen Euonymus

40 results

40  results


Our range of evergreen Euonymus shrubs. Like the 'Emerald Gaiety' Euonymus, these bushes brighten up the garden with their often variegated foliage, which is beautiful even in winter. The 'Emerald'n'Gold' Euonymus fortunei displays leaves edged in gold that turn pink in autumn. With its compact growth, Euonymus japonicus 'Bravo' catches the eye with its dark green leaves edged in white, remaining bright throughout the year. With a finer texture, 'Microphyllus' Euonymus japonicus stands out with its small, dense foliage and compact habit, making it an excellent choice for low hedges or topiary. It also comes in variegated versions with white or yellow. Let's not forget Euonymus japonicus 'Kathy' , remarkable for its cream and green variegated foliage, adding lightness and variety to the back of flower beds. These evergreen Euonymus bushes enhance any outdoor space - check them out in the selection here. Note that Euonymus japonicus, a shrub with a beautiful stature, naturally bushy, is often planted in coastal hedges for its good tolerance to sea spray.

Depending on their habit and growth, these evergreen Euonymus bushes are used to create hedges, topiaries, shrub beds, borders, or rockeries. They can also be grown in containers. Give these bushes well-drained soil, in a sunny to partially shaded site.


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