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Vitex - Chaste tree

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12  results


Vitex, also known as the Chaste Tree, is native to Mediterranean regions and Asia and forms a rounded and bushy shrub, with beautiful branches. It flowers in numerous long panicles of abundant flowers from July to October, in blue, mauve, or white, depending on the variety. Its deciduous foliage is a tender green colour and when crushed, it releases a pepper-like fragrance.

Chaste Trees have a place in large and small gardens, as they are very decorative shrubs with their flowering and foliage. Vitex is perfect in an informal hedge, as a standalone young plant, but especially in seaside gardens as it withstands sea spray and drought.

Plant this shrub in a sunny position in well-drained soil. It is susceptible to heavy frosts and, outside of mild areas, it should only be grown in a pot and overwintered indoors, protected from frost and cold winds.

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