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Hardy Geraniums for borders

118 results

118  results


Perennial Geraniums with a compact habit or even ground cover are perfect for ornamental borders and rockeries. Very hardy, they are easy to grow in any good garden soil, in shade or sun depending on the varieties, in all our regions. Among the hundreds of species and over a thousand available varieties, the Bloody Cranesbill or cinereum, as well as Geranium endressii or the famous 'Rozanne' play their role perfectly when it comes to adorning a pathway or highlighting the border of a taller perennial plant bed. Offering a wide range of deciduous or evergreen foliage, often generous flowering and sometimes beautiful autumn colours, they are essential in English or country gardens. Use them also to dress the base of roses or flowering shrubs, or to compose beautiful flower pots. They are perfect everywhere! 

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