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Japanese Anemones for pots

14 results

14  results


Our range of Japanese Anemones for growing in pots.  Most Japanese anemones thrive in containers or large pots but some dwarf varieties or compact-growing ones, like Anemone 'Fantaisy Pocahontas' or Anemone 'Pretty Lady Susan', are particularly suitable for this type of cultivation. This category includes white, pink, single or double-flowered varieties. ‘Little Summer Breeze’ will produce a multitude of single, pink, slightly purplish corollas from July onwards and until autumn. Japanese anemone ‘Pretty Lady Maria’ , which will not exceed 50 cm (20in) in all directions, is another beautiful variety ideal for growing in a pot, with its simple white flowers. To succeed in their cultivation, use a pot filled with garden soil and compost, and make sure that the substrate does not dry out too much. Splendid in the garden, the autumn anemone also brings a lot of charm to the patio or balcony.


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