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4  results


Schisandra are ornamental and medicinal Asian climbers, renowned for the benefits of their fruits called Chinese Five-Flavour Berries, especially those produced by Schisandra chinensis. They are vigorous climbing plants of the Schisandraceae family, with woody climbing stems (which should be trained).  They are also capable of winding around their support, bearing large deciduous or evergreen leaves depending on the species. The flowering of Schisandra occurs in spring and can be subtle (in white, cream, pink or red) or, on the contrary, delightful and fragrant, especially in the case of Schisandra grandiflora. The flowers are followed by clusters of aromatic berries, which are red or black. Originating from China, most Schisandra plants are deciduous and hardy, except for S. coccinea and S. marmorata species, which should be cultivated in greenhouses. They all require deep, rich, well-drained, humus-rich and constantly moist soil to thrive. It is a very beautiful plant for dressing pergolas, trellises, trees, wire fences, etc. 

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