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Saskatoon - Juneberry

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13  results


The Amelanchier is a wonderful deciduous and hardy bush that is interesting in spring for its abundant white star-shaped flowering, followed by edible berries in summer, as well as for the flamboyant colours of its foliage in autumn. The most well-known ones are the Canadian Amelanchier (A.canadensis), the Lamarck's Amelanchier (A.lamarckii) and the Amelanchier ovalis: all three are magnificent in flower beds or as standalone plants, but these bushes are also perfect for creating a country hedge. The Amelanchier flowers in April-May and is covered in a profusion of white flowers arranged in clusters 6 to 12 centimetres (2 to 5 inches) long. Did you know that the dark purple fruits that follow the flowering are edible, sweet and juicy enough to make good jams? The Amelanchier thrives in full sun or partial shade in any good, well-drained garden soil. 

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