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The Scaevola, also known as the fairy fan-flower, is a trailing plant that offers beautiful blooms for long months on end. Ideal for hanging baskets as well as flower beds in summer. Originating from Australia, these herbaceous plants have a creeping or trailing growth. They bear dark green dentate leaves and blue, white, pink or yellow flowers in the shape of a 3 cm (1in) long fan, clustered at the ends of the stems. Among the 86 species, the most cultivated is Scaevola aemula. Scaevolas thrive in light, humus-rich, well-drained, non-calcareous soils and in a semi-shaded or filtered sunlight position. In pots, provide a sufficiently wide diameter of at least 30 cm (12in), water regularly but without excess, and fertilize with a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants once a week. Tip: Scaevolas are sensitive to lime, add white vinegar to the watering water to eliminate it.

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