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English Alba Roses

4 results

4  results


The English Alba Roses, resulting from cross-breeding with the vigorous Rosa x alba, are the most recent hybrids of the large family of English Roses. They are distinguished by a vegetation similar to that of wild roses, which will work wonders in both classical and formal compositions, as well as in more natural and wild areas of the garden. Their roses, double and of a deep pink colour like 'Sir John Betjeman', semi-double or almost single like 'The Lady's Blush', are infinitely delicate, generally of a light colour and in various shades of pink. They bloom intermittently, from summer until the first cold weather, on sparsely vegetated foliage. Some gardeners consider these English roses, like 'Scarborough Fair' with its delicate pearly pink shell-like petals, to be exceptionally delicate and robust.

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