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6  results


Asphodels are large perennial Mediterranean plants from the Lily family, eager for sunshine, warmth, and dry, calcareous soil. They are loved for their appearance, the proud elegance of their beautiful white or pink star-shaped flower spikes. The best-known, Asphodelus albus or white Asphodel, emerges in spring from sun-bleached, stony slopes in southern Europe. Asphodels have long been associated with death, as an ancient custom was to place bouquets of Asphodels on the graves of the deceased. The origin of this custom can be traced back to Greek mythology: a part of the underworld was called 'the Asphodel meadow' or 'the plain of Asphodels', and this place welcomed the ghostly souls of the dead... Of mountainous and Mediterranean origin, this robust perennial has exceptional adaptation abilities that allow it to grow quite far towards northwestern Europe. It is a plant of great longevity that forms imposing clumps over time, perfectly at home in wild, dry gardens. Like many Mediterranean climate tuber plants, the Asphodel goes dormant in summer and awakens in autumn or spring in the form of clumps of long, narrow and leathery leaves. 

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