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The Primroses or Primulas are a very diverse group of perennials that are among the first flowers of the year. Native to the Northern Hemisphere, they form a rosette of ovate leaves, varying in width, and inflorescences. They flower in umbels or clusters with a wide range of colours. This family comprises of 400 species, all of which prefer fresh and well-drained soils, preferably acidic, in a somewhat shaded position. Despite these plants being easy to grow and maintain it is still necessary to rejuvenate the stumps every 3 years by dividing them and not to plant them too deeply, as this would encourage "heart rot". Species also include the Candelabra Primroses, whose flowers are borne in several whorls arranged along the stem, the Auricula Primroses, perfect for rockeries that lack moisture, and the Garden Primroses (Primula Vulgaris) with their puckered leaves and large solitary flowers from February to April.

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